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Warranty Every heater is thoroughly tested before shipping and is guaranteed to be in good working order on dispatch. Accent Floor Heating guarantees its products subject to the following conditions:

1. The product is free of defects at the time it was supplied. The product will be deemed to be defect free if no defect has been detected and reported to Accent Floor Heating:
a) within 15 years (180 months) from date of purchase (for heaters); or
b) 3 years (36 months) from date of purchase (for thermostats).

2. The following are conditions of this guarantee:
a) a competent person installed the product:
b) the installation was carried out according to the directions as supplied by Accent Floor Heating;
c) the installation was carried out in accordance with all applicable electrical regulations; and
d) the heater has been connected to RCD protected supply circuit.
e) installed to ASNZ: 3000-2007 or any later updated versions.

3. Damage during installation by others is not covered by warranty.

4. Damage or repair to a product by any party voids this guarantee. Repairs done by Accent Floor Heating to rectify any damage cannot be guaranteed and the client will be charged regardless of the result.

5. Claims under this guarantee must be lodged with Accent Floor Heating in writing within the period prescribed. Full particulars must be given and a copy of the invoice as proof of purchase must be enclosed.

6. In settlement of its obligations under the guarantee set out above, Accent Floor Heating shall, at its option, either:
a) repair or replace the defective part without charge; or
b) pay the purchaser a sum equal to the price paid for the defective part at the time of purchase.

7. Accent Floor Heating’s liability to the purchaser is limited to amounts referred to herein. The purchaser agrees that Accent Floor Heating shall not be liable for any other or additional damages suffered by the purchaser caused by any defects in the product, the installation itself or any constituent part of it. Accent Floor Heating shall not be liable to compensate the purchaser for any floor coverings or any other item damaged or destroyed as a result of any such defects.

8. This guarantee is subject to the purchaser adhering to all safety and operating instructions.

9. This warranty is non-transferable
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